Friday, November 30, 2012

happenings as of late!

Lots of goings on! Hence the delay in posting for awhile. I really thought that once I graduated college, I would have tons more time to do things like keep the house totally clean, or workout everyday, or make wonderful meals, or keep up on this blog! But no, it seems that I'm just as busy as ever and my apartment is currently a mess. Oh well, I do what I can and have been extremely blessed in the past couple of months to do awesome things and be with awesome people.

Halloween was awesome. It's David's all time favorite holiday, and I've always liked it for the candy and getting to dress up all pretty. We hit a little bit of a crossroads because he's all into the scary bloody gorey guts halloween, and the scariest thing I've dressed up as was Hermione from Harry Potter. He convinced me to dress up scary for our ward halloween party, and we actually won the costume contest! I'm pretty sure it's my turn to choose the costume next year though, and I'll get my revenge by making him dress up as Prince Charming or something. ;)

After Halloween came my birthday! It was lovely I must say. It was a pretty chill day, I turned the big 23. I've been an adult officially for 5 years. I think that's really the only landmark that 23 brings. Funny story though- David awhile back started joking that I was actually turning 24 because he knew it bugged me. Anyways, he did it long enough that I actually slipped up and told a couple of people that I was 24! And then to make it worse, as David was decorating my birthday cake he decided to put my age in the candles, and started to put 24 before I realized and stopped him! We both had a good laugh at it though. Guess it goes to show that if you say something long enough, you eventually believe it yourself!

Its a good thing you can make a 3 pretty easily out of a 4. :) David made the pink funfetti cake at my request, we ate it with Farr's Playdoh ice cream. My mom thinks its gross, but it's super colorful and yummy! I'd suggest you all try it. 

Thanksgiving was also wonderful- I was able to take a couple days off of work and we went to go see my family in southern Utah- we were able to see everyone and eat lots of delicious food! David got to go mountain biking with my step dad and brother and only came away with a couple of scrapes- which was a relief and I saw the trail they went down, scary! and I got to spend time with my mom and sisters just hanging out- we even went to a zumba class the afternoon of Thanksgiving to work off all the calories we ate! Best idea ever! It was a lot of fun. We thought about going black friday shopping, but all ended up sleeping in until like 9:30, so that didn't happen. haha.

Now it's almost Christmastime! Its a crazy time for me at work, and David has finals around the corner, but we found some time on Monday to go and buy some Christmas decorations! I love Christmas so much, and our little apartment is starting to feel a little festive! We have a little baby Christmas tree that is smack dab in the middle of our living room, cuz frankly that is the only place there is room for it, and we have lights in our two main windows and a snowman on the door! It just makes me so happy! I'm getting so excited to be able to have our first Christmas together! We were apart last year with both our families, so this will be really nice. We get to go to Oregon to be with David's family, which will be a nice break for both of us. I think that's really all that is going on in our busy lives- unless you want to hear about all the crazy pizza hut happenings from me, but you can just ask if you want to hear about that awesomeness. 
I will say before I go though, that I am so blessed! I've been thinking alot about that this past week, just how everything always seems to work out in our favor, even if they don't seem like it for a little bit. I have such amazing friends and family who are such angels to me! And of course an awesome husband who just seems to get cuter every day! :) Until next time! 

This is a flashback picture to just over a year ago! I'd say we are just as cute now as we were then. :) 

Friday, August 31, 2012

We climbed a mountain!

The title of this post is true! Both literally and figuratively as a matter of fact. Over the past month, I climbed not one, but two mountains! The first time I thought I was going to die, and if it weren't for my supportive husband, I never would have made it. Of course, he had to lie to me in the process... haha, we climbed up to squaw peak up in Rock canyon, and at first he told me that it was a mile, maybe two, and it wouldn't take that long, then all up the trail (he had done it before so I trusted him) he would be like I remember this, we're almost there! Just through this meadow and we'll be super close! Yeah,  he was never right, we hiked for like 6 miles straight up it seemed like before we finally made it. I'm super glad we did though, the views were spectacular! Below is the proof!

So the moral of the story here is, even if they seem super hard at the time, climbing mountains is worth it. The other mountain we climbed wasn't as bad, we went up to the Timpanogos Caves with David's dad and sister, and while it's steep, it's paved the whole way with benches and stuff, so it's not too bad, and the caves were way cool! I don't have any pictures of that hike yet, but when I get em, I'll post them, because they too, are awesome!

As for the figurative mountains we had to climb, it's been a tough couple of weeks, but we've gotten through it! First off, we sent Eric, David's baby brother off to the MTC to prepare to serve in Mozambique Africa. And although he's not my brother by blood, I was super emotional about the whole thing, which kind of surprised me, but it was definitely for the best. We got to spend a couple days with him before he left, went to the temple, to Tucanos (yum!) and had a couple of family picnics before we finally said goodbye for two years! We're gonna miss him, but I'm super excited to see how he'll progress as he serves the Lord in Africa!

Shortly after Eric left, David's grandpa passed away. It was sad to see him go, but it was for the best. He had been sick for awhile, so it's good to know that he can rest from the cares of the world for awhile. Things like this though definitely allow you to take a step back and think about what really matters in life, and how you shouldn't take anything for granted, because this life is only for a limited amount of time, and you really need to make the most of it. It was really nice that it brought everyone together too, and I was really happy to see that his funeral was a happy one, where everyone just talked about the good times, and knew that he was in a better place now.

As for the last figurative mountain, schools started again... haha, this one is more for David because I'm done, but it's going to be a pretty intense semester! Not only is he taking the dreaded organic chemistry class, he's also taking 7 other science classes... crazy kid! He can do it though, I've never met anyone else whose so focused when it comes to studying. I can only imagine how much higher my GPA would've been had I had that kind of dedication! Oh well. It's going to take some adjusting for me too, not going back to school. It's kind of weird, having gone to classes basically my whole life, and now not having too, but I think I'm handling it alright. Really, it just makes me feel old, especially realizing that a lot of the players on that football team (who pulled off a GREAT win last night by the way!) are younger than me.... but that's okay, I've just moved on to the next stage of my life, and I'm excited about it!

It should be a pretty calm semester I think, nothing to big or crazy going down. I think we're going down to my parents for Thanksgiving, and we're going to his parents for Christmas. There might be some changes going on at my work too, but nothing is set in stone. Regardless, I'll definitely keep this thing updated!

Until next time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Well I think it's safe to say the honeymoon period is officially over for us. Not only have we hit the 3 month mark (yay!), but real life has finally set in. It's not the most exciting, but it definitely has it's moments! For the most part David is in school and I'm at work. I was promoted and put on salary which was very nice, but also meant an increase in hours, so I've been living, breathing (and definitely eating) pizza these days. I can't complain though, it keeps me busy and pays the bills which is all I need. David is super close to being done with summer term. He takes his last final tomorrow before a well-deserved 3 week break. We're excited to have all his family come down for his brother's missionary farewell to Mozambique, Africa! It's so crazy that he's going to be gone for 2 whole years! But I am definitely very very excited for him and for all the adventures he's going to have, going out and teaching the people of Africa!

We had a pretty fun month during July. We got to see tons of fireworks thanks to Utah having 2 firework holidays instead of one. For the 4th we went up to Squaw peak and watched all the fireworks going off in the valley, which was so awesome! There were so many! Then for the 24th, we had a barbeque with his extended family and lit fireworks with all his little cousins, which I've decided is so much better than just celebrating it by ourselves. There's just something about helping a little girl with her first ever sparkler that just adds so much to the occasion. We also had my family reunion up in Heber City. We all just gathered in this huge cabin for two days and ate food and played games, it was really fun. We also went tubing down the Provo river, which is something I've always wanted to do, but it was SO cold. Even for the middle of July, it was almost too much to bear. I had a hard time staying in the middle, so I always fell out of the current and behind everybody, but it was still really fun! My all time favorite thing we did during July though was go to the zoo!  Ever since I was little, one of my favorite animals has been polar bears, and they brought one back to the Hogle Zoo this year! We went with my mom and sister and brother, and we saw everything from the tigers to the elephants, to the giraffes and otters and the polar bear!

There's been lots of other happenings going on too, like my friend Natalie had a beautiful baby girl that I got to go over and hold! It was so precious. She's gonna be such a great mom. :) We're adjusting to our ward pretty nicely, David got called to be in the Sunday school presidency, and I'm just hanging around. I think they think I'm inactive because I've been rather hit and miss because of work. Oh well.

I think that about wraps up my ranting. I'm going to be betting about taking more pictures of our adventures. Cuz I feel like I'm boring without pictures. Oh well, I'll be better.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mexico, Oregon, Lagoon and Provo Canyon!

So here's a little bit about everything we've been up too since we've been married!

First things first, Mexico!

I remember, it had not even been 24 hours since we had gotten engaged when David's grandpa pulled us aside and made us decide where we would go on our honeymoon. Our choices were limited because it was a timeshare and most places were already booked, but we were able to find this great resort in Mazatlan, Mexico. Everyone was worried about us going with all the problems they're having there, but it was actually really wonderful! Perfect actually! We were able to eat delicious food, go ziplining, parasailing, horseback riding, and really just relax. It was great!

The view from our room at the resort
Parasailing-- so much fun!
Our favorite restaurant, they gave us hats to wear and free cake in celebration of our marriage!

 We stayed in Mexico for a week, and from there we flew into Portland where we spent a week with David's family. It was really fun, we went on a couple of hikes, took a day trip to the coast, and on Friday we had an open house for all of David's friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding in Utah. It turned out beautiful, it was fun to be able to wear my dress again and get my hair done a different way, below is the photo evidence!

A hike we went on to a pretty waterfall!
We got to go to the Portland Temple, so pretty!
Us at the open house!

After the wedding festivities had finally ended, we headed back to Provo for real life to start. The first few weeks have been kind of interesting since David doesn't start school until tomorrow, but I started back up at work almost immediately, but we've definitely already done some fun things! We were able to make a quick trip down south for my baby sister's high school graduation, we got to go to lagoon this past week, which was fun, but I think its safe to say I'm getting a little old for all the super spinny rides, haha. Then this past weekend we were able to camping, just up Provo canyon for a night, but it was alot of fun! We got to use all our new camping gear and have a huge fire, and it was just nice to get away from real life, even for just a night. Especially since David does go back to school tomorrow, and I'll be working more hours due to a promotion and the fact that my boss just left on maternity leave, so things will be pretty crazy for a little while, but it'll still be wonderful just being together with the love of my life. :)

Until next time!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The glorious wedding!

I'm back! This time as Mrs. David Robinson, which is good because now my blog name actually tells the truth. :)

I must say that our wedding was exactly what I wanted it to be and so much more. I had so much support from family and friends, some who flew a very long way to come and see me, and I am so grateful for all of their love and their help in making my fairy tale come true! I could talk and talk about how the day went with everything, but hey, pictures speak 1000 words, and I'm sure they can explain things a lot better than I can, so here we go!

            The Venue(s):

 The actual wedding ceremony took place in the LDS Bountiful temple, and it was absolutely amazing. It was such a beautiful atmosphere, and just such an amazing spirit that made everything that much more special, especially with all my friends and family around when I married my sweetheart for time and all eternity!

The luncheon/ring ceremony/reception was at the Canturbury Place, also in Bountiful. My grandpa performed a small ring ceremony in front of everyone who was able to attend the luncheon, and he gave some great advice. My daddy was able to walk me in and my brother was the unofficial last minute ring bearer (cuz it honestly didn't cross my mind til like 5 minutes before!) But other then that and the fact that I almost put David's ring on his right hand, it was wonderful. The food was great, and the reception was lovely. It was so fun to be greeted and congratulated by all my friends and family!

The Flowers:

Carnations have been and always will be my favorite flower, and I discovered these deep purple calla lilies on my search for flowers in my colors. (which if you haven't guessed by now were deep purple and silver). I fell in love with my bouquet the moment I saw it, and the rest matched perfectly!

The dress!

I found this dress at the first store I tried, which was nice, because I don't handle sales people very well. I walked in with my mom and sister, saw it on a mannequin, and just kind of knew. The one they had for me to try on was like 4 sizes too small for me, but I fell in love with it regardless, and luckily the only one they had available was in my size, so I'm pretty sure it was fate. Haha, it's kind of hard to see the details with it being white and in the sun, but the top had a really pretty collar with beading all around and the body had rouching all the way to the gown, which poofed out with a pretty train and made me feel like a princess. :)

The families. :)

My momma,  her husband and my siblings!

My daddy,  his wife and my siblings!
David's family!

All of our families were such a huge help and support! David's came all the way from Oregon, and mine from Southern Utah. It was so wonderful to have everyone there and have them all get along! ;) Haha, I knew they would, but it's so great to have  families so willing to come together for such a great occasion!

The Bridesmaids!

From left to right, there's Brooke, my old roommate and super great friend, who threw me a wonderful bridal shower; Heather who flew in from Texas, and made all of the bridal parties beautiful jewelry; me, and then my two sisters Tess and Shelby- Tess flew in from Wisconsin and Shelby skipped school for the event, and Brenna also flew in from Texas was an unofficial photographer and source of wonderful support. They were the best bridesmaids anyone could ask for! Thanks so much girls!

The Groomsmen!

From left to right there's Steven, David's older brother; his cousin Nathan; The most handsome man alive ;) David's younger brother Eric; and his two good friends Alex and Josh. Alex flew in from Oregon, and Josh drove from Arkansas to make it! They were all a bunch of fun, definitely the comic relief for the day, so thanks boys!

The Handsome Groom!

It's not like I'm really all that biased, but I must say this boy looks sharp. He had gotten a not so great haircut a couple of weeks before and was worried about not looking his best, but I think he's the cutest boy I've ever known in my whole entire life!! Here's the proof. :)

And finally.... The happy couple!

I literally have hundreds of pictures to choose from, but here are just a few of my favorites to end things off. I'll be back with details about the honeymoon and life after marriage, but I feel like the best day of my life deserved its own post. :) Thanks so much again to everyone who made it possible!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy cow.

Those words are really the only ones I can find to describe not only has time flown by, but also about how many awesome things have been happening! I'm pretty sure everything is still sort of surreal. I mean, there's no way that I can actually be done with college. Or getting married in 5 days, haha. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely excited beyond belief, but it is absolutely crazy how fast time has gone by.

As I just said, I did in fact graduate last weekend! It was such a good time. I had my mom and stepdad come, as well as my dad and stepmom and my grandparents! It was a jam packed weekend for sure, I finished my finals on Wednesday afternoon, packed to move all that night. Thursday, my mom and I went to Bountiful to finalize wedding plans and made it back barely in time for commencement, which was actually really good! I felt so proud when they told all the graduates to stand up and everyone clapped! It really made me think of what I actually accomplished, and I got to finally just enjoy the fruits of my labor I guess you could say. The next day was convocation, where I actually got to walk, which was great too. A bunch of us went out to Rodizio grill afterward to celebrate, and then we went back to bountiful to go to a bridal shower that my dad's family threw for me! I got lots of great things for my kitchen and my apartment in general!

Speaking of apartments, that brings me to Saturday. I got up super early, finished cleaning and packing, and then my whole family came out and helped David and I move into our new apartment! It's just this cute little place on University Ave, not too far from campus, and basically, I've fallen in love with it already. This week since I haven't been as busy, I've been able to unpack and organize mostly everything, and even though its small, its mine! A place that I can actually decorate the way I want, a place that has my bed and my couches, well, our bed and our couches ;). Its just so great. The only downside is is that night David left and went back to Oregon for the week, so I've been by myself for the week, and he won't be back until Wednesday night :( But it's okay, because this past week went by really fast, and this week is going to be so filled with friends and family coming into town before the wedding and last minute plans. But I am so excited with the way it's coming together, and although I'm worried about everything going smoothly, I just know that I'm marrying my best friend, so at the end of the day, it will have done everything I needed it to do. :) And boy am I ready for my week long honeymoon in Mexico!

I probably won't be back to post until after the wedding, and then I'm sure it will be nothing but pictures of us two crazy kids all over each other in love, so prepare yourselves. :)

And a big big thanks to all my family who came to graduation and helped move and came to the bridal shower! I am so grateful to have so much love and support from all my friends and family!

The next time you'll hear from me, I'll be Mrs. Robinson. ;) yayyyyyy! :))

Friday, March 30, 2012

5 weeks and counting!

Time flies when you're having fun... or when you are insanely busy!! The latter has definitely been true these past couple of weeks. I can honestly not believe that March is all but over, I was so worried that it was just going to drag on, but now I'm worried because it went by way too fast, and I still have so much to do! Luckily I have a lovely mother and wonderful fiance who helping just so much! My mom came up from Southern Utah for the 4th? time I think this past weekend to help with wedding stuff, and we did get a lot done! The biggest stress relief though is that my dress fits! And quite perfectly if I do say so myself! I am very tempted to post a picture of it, because I am just so excited, but alas, I'm more excited to impress a certain boy 5 weeks from today. :) My mom and I also met with our wonderful wedding planner Elysha, and pretty much figured out all the little details for the reception, which is also very thrilling! I really think its going to turn out exactly how I imagined, if not better! So everybody reading this should come if you can. :) Speaking of which, invitations also got sent out this weekend, which is definitely another relief. My mom and grandma also threw me a bridal shower which was so great with all of their family. I am so grateful for all the support and love I have coming from them!

Now with wedding stress a little more under control, my shift has focused to trying and finish school, which is really only 2 weeks away! Classes will end a week from Wednesday, and then 4 finals and a walk across a stage will be all that stand in the way of me being done with school! It's definitely going to be a bittersweet experience. After all, I've been in school for the last 20 years of my life, and then all of a sudden, I'll be done! Definitely very exciting, but a little bit daunting because I have to accept the fact that I'm an actual adult; no more hiding behind the student title for me, haha.

There's also a few more fun things to look forward to even before graduation and the wedding! There's general conference this weekend, which is also just wonderful. David was able to get us tickets to the Saturday morning session, and then we'll be heading to my family's for Easter weekend! (Yay for easter egg hunts!!)

Well, I should probably get back to studying and finishing the last of the projects I have due, but I must say before I go that this is just such an exciting time of life! I have friends going on missions, getting married, having cute little babies and just everything! It makes me so happy to be able to share in their happiness and I'm so excited to see what life has in store!

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

and so it begins!

I always used to tell myself that when I met a boy and got engaged, I would start a blog, because I wasn't too fond of posting all this lovey dovey cutesy stuff all over facebook for everyone to see. This is nice because the people who want to read all about the life of the soon to be Robinsons, can, and I'm not annoying the whole wide world with pictures and stuff, although I still may do that from time to time. :)

So where to begin, where to begin. Perhaps with our story? Some background info is always nice! David Scott Robinson and I met at a church function right before the start of fall semester- I was about to start my senior year and he had just gotten back from serving a 2 year church mission to Concepcion, Chile. There's really nothing too exciting about our courtship, it was basically a whirlwind of fun and romance- the point of the story is that we became best friends and fell madly in love! (awhhhh, right? I think so, at least :) The picture on the right is the first one we ever took together, and it is absolutely adorable if I do say so myself.

The big M word starting coming up not too long after we started dating, which was exciting, but scary. It was always in kind of a joking sense, more of a what if type of thing, and then somewhere in there it kind of just transitioned from if, to when. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but there came a time I just knew that he was my prince charming and that I wanted to spend time and all eternity with this silly boy who loves to mountain bike and eat lots of food all the time. :)

He must've felt the same way too, because while visiting his family in Oregon over Christmas break (although he was super sick), he popped the big question! And even though I had dreamed about this day since I was little, it was absolutely perfect, better than I ever could've imagined. On New Year's Eve, he took me to downtown Portland to visit with his big brother Steven and his Aunt Jan and to take me to OMSI (somewhere I've always wanted to go) which was just a great day in general, but as night time approached, things started to get a little weird, in a good way of course. After taking me to dinner at this AMAZING little Italian restaurant downtown (and letting me order whatever I wanted :) I had assumed we were going back to Eugene, his hometown, to ring in the new year with his family, but instead, he took me for a romantic walk down by the river that runs through Portland, a walk that ended at a horse drawn carriage that was waiting for us! I was floored with excitement and caught completely off guard. We rode around on the main streets, feeling like royalty as we waved and wished a happy new year to all the intoxicated people walking to and from various parties, and I had this ridiculous grin that I couldn't wipe off my face, as you can see in the above picture. As the tour started winding down, David suddenly got really serious, and almost nervous, but I would be too if I had to figure out how to get down on one knee in a carriage! He succeeded though, and asked me to help him complete his new year's resolution of starting a family by marrying him. I happily agreed, and we drove home to his cheering family. It was definitely the best New Year's Eve I'll ever have!

Now nearly 3 months later, we're in the middle of wedding planning, I'm trying my hardest to finish out my last few weeks of school without totally going crazy and David is trying his best to deal with my crazy self; I must say he's doing quite well. :) We're getting married on May 4, and that day just can't come soon enough! I must take a minute and also say that I am just so grateful that things have played out this way! I don't know what I did to deserve such a great guy, but I am so happy he's mine! After all, just look how cute he is! I'll try and update this fairly frequently, I have a feeling that I'll need a new hobby once school is finished and I'll actually only have one job to worry about instead of two, and this is probably going to be it!

Until next time! :)