Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FOUR months!

Back again with a 4 month update (and loads of pictures, I just can't get enough!) . This month Brielle has mastered the art of supporting her head and rolled over from her tummy to her back! She hasn't quite mastered the rolling over part yet, she's done it a few times, but its more by accident than anything, still its progress! She's also giggling more and gives you these huge open mouthed grins when you smile at her, it's adorable. She's still sleeping pretty well, although naptime is a bit tricky these days, she would much rather be up and play even though she's tired, but we're working through it!

We took another plane ride too! To Utah this time. I was really nervous because it was just me, but everything went really well, and lots of nice people were willing to help on the plane and in the airport. We flew to Provo to help my baby sister find her wedding dress because she is getting married in July. It was a whirlwind trip, but we found the dress and were able to see some of my family that she hadn't met yet.
She wasn't sure about the colder weather, but she did just fine
She was super happy when we stopped by Cabela's, maybe we have a future outdoorswoman on our hands? :)

My grandma used to by us all Easter outfits when we were younger, and now my mom has decided to carry on the tradition and got Brie a cute Easter dress.

We have a little bumbo seat for her, at first I thought she would hate it, but she actually really kind of likes it!

All of the boxes in the background are from us packing and moving into a house! I'll do a whole other post about that later.

She's tolerating "tummy time" more now that she can hold her head up and push up with her arms a little bit, but usually after about 5 minutes she'll either roll over or give up and start crying, She love's standing now too!

With the weather not being too terrible hot yet (we haven't broken 100 yet, but we will very soon I fear :-/) we went on a small hike on one of the "mountains" around here, more like glorified hills really, but whatever. It was pretty fun! David carried Brie in our bjorn and she fell asleep for most of it. It was good to get out of the house together since David is still really busy with school.
The hat was way too big, but it's so sunny we didn't have much of a choice!

All in all its been a great month! At her 4 month checkup she was 15 lb 3 oz and 26 inches long. I think it's like 80th percentile for weight and 97th for height! At first I thought that was crazy and she would end up being an amazon woman, but looking at my baby books, I was about the same size. So maybe she'll just be my height, or maybe her size now has nothing to do with her size in the future, which is probably the case. :) So I'll leave you with some more adorable pictures of random things, plus some from her 4 month photo shoot that I did. 

I'll try and do a post not about Brie here, soon, about moving and other not baby stuff, but we'll see, she's kind of my whole life these days. :)

Until next time!

She was clearly super excited to be at church

If she's wearing a tshirt or dress, she always pulls it up to show her belly, silly!

Months 1-4! Funny how much she's changed, but how much she's stayed the same.