Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why did goofy throw his clock out the window??

 Because he wanted to watch time fly! And that it has. These past couple months have definitely come and gone in a flurry of awesome times. And this is the post where I'm going to brag about it.

First off, happy anniversary to us! Holy cow, one whole year under our belt! We took liberties while still being young and not yet burdened with little people and splurged on a first anniversary trip to Orlando Florida. It worked out quite nicely that my friend from growing up, Jen, was getting married a few days before our actual anniversary, so it was the perfect excuse! We were really lucky and got some really good deals thanks to family and friends. If we hadn't, we probably wouldn't have been able to go! We were able to use David's grandparents timeshare and stay in a really nice hotel for super cheap! We found a crazy good deal on a flight, AND my friend Angela from living in Cedar was working for Disney at the time, and was able to get into Disneyworld for a day! It was so great. For those who may not know, I lived in Florida for 9 months in 2010, also working for Disney, so we were able to access all my insider knowledge and got to do all the important stuff in the one day we were able to go. DisneyWorld is absolutely huge, but I was proud of all we were able to do. :)

These gallows were in magic kingdom where I used to work, I thought they were cool and I wanted a picture in them, so we got one. :)

The toy story ride is probably one of my favorite non-roller coaster rides of all time, and the line you wait in is so cool!  All sorts of giant game board pieces and even crayons, it brings out the kid in all of us, as you can see David demonstrating. :)

I will always love Disney! We probably won't make it back for a long time, we kept joking that it probably won't be until we have kids who are old enough to appreciate it, which is a long time. but that's okay, it was fun with the two of us, but it'll be a whole different level of fun with the kiddos!

The wedding was also wonderful, I got to be a bridesmaid and get all dressed up and it was so wonderful seeing old friends and catching up!

It was on a lake in Orlando, so the scenery was lovely, and the weather cooperated, well for the most part, it started pouring as the reception was drawing to a close. Traditional Florida downpour. I guess Florida wanted to show David all it was capable of. :)

We also got to go to Seaworld! I don't know what it is about marine life, but I LOVE Seaworld. David had never been, and was a little skeptical at first, but luckily he fell in love with it, which made for a wonderful day. :)

Dolphins have always been my favorite animal, and I got to pet a couple! This one came right up close and I got to pet it as it swam by!

                                                     Shamu and baby shamu! SO cute.

They've added a couple roller coasters that I hadn't been on before, this one was called the Manta Ray, and you actually ride the roller coaster on your stomach! It was way trippy. It was fun, but there was some sort of technical problem and we ended up stuck on our stomachs for like 10 minutes, it was pretty uncomfortable but we were able to snap a couple of pictures that most people probably can't get!

So overall it was just wonderful! Once we got back it was kind of stressful because we moved apartments like the day after we got back, but now that we're all moved in, I love it. Our first apartment will always have that special place in our heart, but it was old, and cramped and small. This one is bigger and much much newer, so it just feels better and we actually have room for all of our stuff! I'll probably post some pictures later. Its just a cute apartment.

Now we're just back to the grind really. I'm still just working away and David is studying like crazy for the DAT (dental admission test) and is taking it next week! After that, we'll apply to dental schools! We've decided on applying to 15 schools, all across the country. So its definitely a grab bag on where we'll end up!

We still find time to have fun though! David has his birthday! We are now the same age for the next six months! He got tickets to the Iron Man 3 premiere, which was awesome! He also got a gift card to fix up his bike, so now we have two bikes so we can ride around and stuff.

                       We ride to Utah Lake sometimes - it takes a little time, but it's pretty! :)

We have a pretty awesome trip to Yellowstone planned with our families here in the next couple weeks which will definitely deserve its own post, I love Yellowstone, absolutely beautiful! Well I'm off for now, but I'll end this lovely post with a pretty picture!
This was at my cousin Diane's wedding! Yay happiness and weddings and life! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer thus far. Keep in touch friends!

'til next time!