Wednesday, August 26, 2015

6..7... almost 8! And a summer update

So this summer has been crazy! In a good way, a good, I haven't gotten around to updating this is almost three months kind of way. I am back now though, and getting settled back into real life, but I'd like to reminisce about the awesome summer we've had, and show off my baby that's growing up way too fast!

Brielle is now a day away from being 8 months old! I can't believe how much she learns every day. Over the past months she has mastered sitting up, eating solids, drinking out of a sippy cup, and she cut her first two teeth! Right on her 7 month birthday. At her 6 month appointment she was 27.5 inches long and 15.9 pounds, so still really long, and she's thinning out a bit but she still has a little pot belly and some chunk on her legs. :) We're working on crawling, she can scoot when she really wants something, but usually she gives up and cries. My oh my she is a talker though. She'll go on and on in her own little language, and has also discovered her scream, not a crying scream, but an excited scream. Its cute, but super loud (especially when you're in a quiet church!) And here is some photo evidence of her cuteness!
6 month birthday!

5 vs 6 months

Months 1-6!

The pool is the only place to be during an AZ summer
Big enough to sit in a cart!

7 months!

Look at that blonde hair!

She loves to eat!

I'm excited to see her continue to grow up, but I also get a little bit sad when I have to put away her little clothes.

Our summer was very busy, but good. This was David's last summer off before he has to go to school full time, so we fit all we could into it. The first month, David had to study for and take a national board exam, so it was basically like he was still in school. He passed though, so it was well worth it. :) Once that was over, we headed up to Utah. We were there for a whole month just because we had stuff going on every week.

The first week we spent with David's family, we had a fourth of July celebration and went to the aquarium ( one of my favorite places ever!)

Fourth of July outfit!
Big enough to sit in the big girl stroller!

The aquarium!

The next couple weeks were dedicated to planning and putting on my baby sister's wedding in Southern Utah, but we managed to fit some hikes and stuff in during that time!

It was a peacock theme, so Brielle had this adorable outfit made by her grandma Robinson!
Brielle with the beautiful bride!

This was up in Cedar Breaks, tons of wildflowers

This was a lake up by Brighton in the mountains west of SLC

David got to spend sometime with his friends and brothers and we all took a day trip to Vegas, and on our way back to AZ we stopped by the Grand Canyon! David had never been, and I don't remember going, so it was cool to see it and finally be able to say we've been there.
Bellagio Gardens in Vegas
Grand Canyon!

All in all, it was a great summer! We had one last trip to Hawaii, but that deserves a whole separate post, so I'll be back soon with that and an 8 month update on Brielle!

Lastly, here are some family pictures my dear friend Natalie took while in Utah! She really is the best!

Until next time!