Sunday, December 7, 2014

And the official countdown begins!

Well it's official- we're down to one month before D-day. I'll be totally honest though, this little girl is due on the 6th of January, which just so happens to be the day that David starts back up at school after Christmas. So I am hoping and praying and hoping some more that all the stories of first time moms going way past their due date doesn't apply to me! I would much rather daddy be around and not have to worry about school or other commitments for a few days at least! We'll see though! As long as she's happy and healthy, I guess I can't complain.

I would say we're getting pretty adjusted to Arizona life, although we went to a Christmas concert this afternoon and it was wonderful! Totally got me in the Christmas spirit, that was until it was over and we walked outside and the 75 degree weather totally ruined it. Haha, I don't know if I'll ever get used to a warm Christmas entirely, but that's okay!

David's been busy busy with school, and I've been working part time, but we've found time to do some fun things! David's school had a white coat ceremony where they symbolically welcomed him into the medical profession- I guess it's the thing to do these days, but it was fun! His dad and my parents were able to come out and we got to spend the weekend with them, yay family!

We had a fun halloween as well, We carved pumpkins although they didn't last very long with the heat, but it was okay! They were cute while they lasted

Midwestern gives it's students a 3 week Thanksgiving break, so November was absolutely wonderful for us! We started out by celebrating my birthday, nothing too crazy, just a nice dinner and some presents :) We also took not one but two trips back up to Utah, as well as a trip to Sedona and to Las Vegas!

The first trip to Utah was for a wonderful baby shower where we had tons of support from our friends and family! It was so fun! We were able to see most everyone (if we missed you, sorry!!) and it was great.

The trip to Vegas counted as our "babymoon" our last biggish trip as a couple before baby comes and changes everything! It was way fun. We stayed in the Luxor, ate delicious food, saw a show and just enjoyed the sites! As part of my birthday, David took me to see the Siegfried and Roy animal garden, where they have lions, leopards and my two favorite animals of all time, the white tiger and dolphins! It was so fun! I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Vegas anytime soon. Its a little spendy, but then again what isn't in that town... haha

We were close enough to get splashed!

We just took a day trip up to Sedona, which is about a two hour drive north from us, it's basically Arizona's version of Zion's in my opinion, and absolutely beautiful. David convinced me to do a couple of small hikes and we drove around and saw some spectacular views

We were originally planning to just stay in Phoenix and have our own Thanksgiving because I was a little worried about travelling at 34 weeks and work conflicts, but after the go ahead from my doctor and a work schedule that magically worked out, we decided to head back up to Utah and spend it with my family! We drove to St. George, and then carpooled with my mom to Northern Utah and had Thanksgiving with all of her family. It was really fun, and all of us siblings were able to be there which was way nice!

Now, we're back and getting so excited for Christmas! We are definitely sticking around here this time because baby girl could just decide to show up here any day! Although I still have a month to go, I'm already starting to get antsy and freak myself out about making sure everything is ready. I'm nearly there I think. We took some pre-baby classes at the hospital, the nursery is about halfway ready, we have the carseat and the stroller, and the crib is on its way, and my hospital bag is packed with the absolute essentials, just in case... haha. Now to just decide on a name for this little princess... haha we'll see if that happens, but chances are it'll be when we see her.

I can't believe we're winding down to her being here! I'm definitely in that, "Oh I still have so much time, but holy cow I really don't" phase, so I'm just trying to enjoy what I can while I still can. Honestly, I don't have much to complain about this pregnancy, its definitely had its downs, but compared to the horror stories I've heard, I've definitely had it pretty good,

As an end note, here are some maternity shots my dear friend Natalie took for us! She is so amazing with the pictures she takes, and managed to make me look good although I feel like a cow these days. :)

Next post, who knows, may be filled with baby pictures! Either that or me ranting to the world how ready I am for her to finally get here. Haha, only time will tell! Until next time!