Wednesday, April 8, 2015

3 Months!

A whole quarter of a year already! This month brought lots of new adventures. We took her on her first trip on an airplane! Holy scary, but we survived! We went to Oregon for spring break so Brielle could meet the rest of her Oregon family, and it was so fun! We went to the coast and spent time with everyone, we stayed for a week while David was out of school.

But when we got back, the dumb airport got Brielle and I sick, which was pretty gross, its so hard seeing your baby sick. It wasn't anything terrible, I had it a lot worse than she did, but she was still pretty stuffed up for a few days.

She keeps just growing and growing! You don't notice it in the day to day, but when you look at pictures, its mind blowing!

 I would say her biggest achievement this month is sleep! She now can sleep through the night, usually  from 7-8 until 5-6. Getting her down for naps and bed is still a challenge, but definitely not the end of the world, especially now that I have my energy  back!

And she smiles all the time now! She's most smiley right after she wakes up, and she's starting to talk and squeal and giggle more.

She's slowly discovering her hands and will hold anything you put in it, she especially loves the little chain rings.

All in all we're just chugging along! David's doing great with school, and I get a cute little bug to play and teach! It's getting so fun now with her giggles and "talking" back, 

Can't wait to see what April brings!

Happy 3 months Miss Brie!