Wednesday, June 3, 2015

CINCO! and other life updates

Wow, how has it been another month?? But here we are and Miss Brielle is just growing and learning in leaps and bounds these days!

May was pretty busy for us, we started things off with David's birthday! He was pretty spoiled as always and got himself some new clothes, and a game called spike ball. (anyone play it? It's so fun!) He also got himself a brand new bbq grill, which has been wonderful and already used several times.

The day after that, my parents came down and helped us move into a HOUSE! And oh my goodness am I in love. It's not a mansion by any means, but it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and no neighbors stomping on our heads all hours of the night! It has a nice little yard that Brielle can play in when she's a little bigger (and it cools down), she gets her own room and David gets his office. which can also be a guest room. With the move, we also splurged a bit and got a new couch. Ours was bought in Provo used, and the people we bought it from had bought it used, and frankly it was time to upgrade from the glorious flannel that it was. While I miss the worn in comfy-ness, this new sectional looks so much nicer!

It was super convenient to have my parents around that weekend not only to help us move, but to watch Brielle so we were able to go to the "Odontoblast" which is like a dental school prom that Midwestern puts on every year. It was actually really fun! It was Monte Carlo themed so they had black jack and roulette you could play and there was a nice dinner and dancing and a photo booth. They had it at a really nice resort a few miles away from here, so it was a nice little getaway for sure!

THEN we had our anniversary! 3 whole years! It fell on a Monday and David had school, so we kind of counted the dance as the majority of our celebration, but we were able to go out for a quick dinner to the Cheesecake Factory! Which is probably one of my favorite restaurants.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake. Heaven.

May was just an eventful month for us! After all of this stuff, we had Mother's Day, then Brielle and I took another trip to Utah for my brother Jacob's graduation! Mother's Day was wonderful, I definitely got spoiled and felt very loved :) The trip was great too! I was worried because it's a 6 hour drive from here to my mom's, but I just left really early and Brielle slept like 92 percent of the time! Getting to see my brother graduate high school made me feel more old than anything, but it was really nice to spend time with the fam!
Chillin in Relief Society at Grandma's church


Right when we got back from Utah, Grandpa Robinson came for a visit! He mainly came to help David with a bunch of yardwork that needed to be done, but he was sure to get plenty of Brielle time in as well! David had just finished up his first year of school, so he was free and we all just hung out and had a grand old time. We definitely missed grandma Robinson though! We're excited to see them again in July!

So that's what we've been up to! Now for a quick Brie update! She rolled from her back to her belly right after she turned 4 months. At first she hated it because she hates being on her belly, and while she's rolled back over a few times, its been mainly by accident, she doesn't realize that she can yet, haha. But she rolls over ALL the time now, so much so that she's pretty used to it and won't cry or complain as much when she's on her belly. She always sleeps on her stomach now too, takes after me that way I guess because I do too, I hate sleeping on my back.

She's starting to have likes and dislikes, which is so fun to notice. She LOVES her reflection and the funny noises daddy makes, but she hates when people sneeze, it scares her so bad! Her new favorite toy is her rainforest dangle thing, except she only plays with it with her feet, as shown below.

She sometimes grab the monkey or zebra and proceeds to have conversations with them. It's the cutest thing! She is definitely discovering her voice, which is cute and slightly annoying, haha. She'll just be babbling away and then throw in a couple screams and squeals for the heck of it. It's not terrible as long as you're not right next to her :)

I don't think she's growing as fast as she was, but I don't really know, she doesn't have another check up until her 6 months. She does seem to be slimming out, but who knows.

She puts everything in her mouth and is very fond of her fingers and recently, her thumb, but she won't take a pacifier or a bottle for anything. It's been kind of hard for me, because I didn't feel comfortable leaving her for very long because she wouldn't take food from anyone else. We also have a pretty lengthy trip to Utah coming up, so with the pediatricians okay, we've started giving her solids and teaching her to drink from a sippy cup while we're home and on a set schedule. She's done great so far! She loves her sippy cup and will even try and drink from a big cup, but that's a whole lot messier.

And that's pretty much our life as of late! Busy busy, but wouldn't trade it for anything! As always, I'll leave you with a photo dump of baby-cuteness.


She rocks a mohawk, her hair is really coming in now!

She was watching daddy work outside

I think babies in hooded towels are one of the cutest sights ever

She's learning to sit really well, not unsupported yet though

Jailbird on her 5th month birthday!

4 months to 5!

I know the perspective doesn't help, but she really does have huge feet!