Friday, March 30, 2012

5 weeks and counting!

Time flies when you're having fun... or when you are insanely busy!! The latter has definitely been true these past couple of weeks. I can honestly not believe that March is all but over, I was so worried that it was just going to drag on, but now I'm worried because it went by way too fast, and I still have so much to do! Luckily I have a lovely mother and wonderful fiance who helping just so much! My mom came up from Southern Utah for the 4th? time I think this past weekend to help with wedding stuff, and we did get a lot done! The biggest stress relief though is that my dress fits! And quite perfectly if I do say so myself! I am very tempted to post a picture of it, because I am just so excited, but alas, I'm more excited to impress a certain boy 5 weeks from today. :) My mom and I also met with our wonderful wedding planner Elysha, and pretty much figured out all the little details for the reception, which is also very thrilling! I really think its going to turn out exactly how I imagined, if not better! So everybody reading this should come if you can. :) Speaking of which, invitations also got sent out this weekend, which is definitely another relief. My mom and grandma also threw me a bridal shower which was so great with all of their family. I am so grateful for all the support and love I have coming from them!

Now with wedding stress a little more under control, my shift has focused to trying and finish school, which is really only 2 weeks away! Classes will end a week from Wednesday, and then 4 finals and a walk across a stage will be all that stand in the way of me being done with school! It's definitely going to be a bittersweet experience. After all, I've been in school for the last 20 years of my life, and then all of a sudden, I'll be done! Definitely very exciting, but a little bit daunting because I have to accept the fact that I'm an actual adult; no more hiding behind the student title for me, haha.

There's also a few more fun things to look forward to even before graduation and the wedding! There's general conference this weekend, which is also just wonderful. David was able to get us tickets to the Saturday morning session, and then we'll be heading to my family's for Easter weekend! (Yay for easter egg hunts!!)

Well, I should probably get back to studying and finishing the last of the projects I have due, but I must say before I go that this is just such an exciting time of life! I have friends going on missions, getting married, having cute little babies and just everything! It makes me so happy to be able to share in their happiness and I'm so excited to see what life has in store!

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

and so it begins!

I always used to tell myself that when I met a boy and got engaged, I would start a blog, because I wasn't too fond of posting all this lovey dovey cutesy stuff all over facebook for everyone to see. This is nice because the people who want to read all about the life of the soon to be Robinsons, can, and I'm not annoying the whole wide world with pictures and stuff, although I still may do that from time to time. :)

So where to begin, where to begin. Perhaps with our story? Some background info is always nice! David Scott Robinson and I met at a church function right before the start of fall semester- I was about to start my senior year and he had just gotten back from serving a 2 year church mission to Concepcion, Chile. There's really nothing too exciting about our courtship, it was basically a whirlwind of fun and romance- the point of the story is that we became best friends and fell madly in love! (awhhhh, right? I think so, at least :) The picture on the right is the first one we ever took together, and it is absolutely adorable if I do say so myself.

The big M word starting coming up not too long after we started dating, which was exciting, but scary. It was always in kind of a joking sense, more of a what if type of thing, and then somewhere in there it kind of just transitioned from if, to when. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but there came a time I just knew that he was my prince charming and that I wanted to spend time and all eternity with this silly boy who loves to mountain bike and eat lots of food all the time. :)

He must've felt the same way too, because while visiting his family in Oregon over Christmas break (although he was super sick), he popped the big question! And even though I had dreamed about this day since I was little, it was absolutely perfect, better than I ever could've imagined. On New Year's Eve, he took me to downtown Portland to visit with his big brother Steven and his Aunt Jan and to take me to OMSI (somewhere I've always wanted to go) which was just a great day in general, but as night time approached, things started to get a little weird, in a good way of course. After taking me to dinner at this AMAZING little Italian restaurant downtown (and letting me order whatever I wanted :) I had assumed we were going back to Eugene, his hometown, to ring in the new year with his family, but instead, he took me for a romantic walk down by the river that runs through Portland, a walk that ended at a horse drawn carriage that was waiting for us! I was floored with excitement and caught completely off guard. We rode around on the main streets, feeling like royalty as we waved and wished a happy new year to all the intoxicated people walking to and from various parties, and I had this ridiculous grin that I couldn't wipe off my face, as you can see in the above picture. As the tour started winding down, David suddenly got really serious, and almost nervous, but I would be too if I had to figure out how to get down on one knee in a carriage! He succeeded though, and asked me to help him complete his new year's resolution of starting a family by marrying him. I happily agreed, and we drove home to his cheering family. It was definitely the best New Year's Eve I'll ever have!

Now nearly 3 months later, we're in the middle of wedding planning, I'm trying my hardest to finish out my last few weeks of school without totally going crazy and David is trying his best to deal with my crazy self; I must say he's doing quite well. :) We're getting married on May 4, and that day just can't come soon enough! I must take a minute and also say that I am just so grateful that things have played out this way! I don't know what I did to deserve such a great guy, but I am so happy he's mine! After all, just look how cute he is! I'll try and update this fairly frequently, I have a feeling that I'll need a new hobby once school is finished and I'll actually only have one job to worry about instead of two, and this is probably going to be it!

Until next time! :)