Friday, November 30, 2012

happenings as of late!

Lots of goings on! Hence the delay in posting for awhile. I really thought that once I graduated college, I would have tons more time to do things like keep the house totally clean, or workout everyday, or make wonderful meals, or keep up on this blog! But no, it seems that I'm just as busy as ever and my apartment is currently a mess. Oh well, I do what I can and have been extremely blessed in the past couple of months to do awesome things and be with awesome people.

Halloween was awesome. It's David's all time favorite holiday, and I've always liked it for the candy and getting to dress up all pretty. We hit a little bit of a crossroads because he's all into the scary bloody gorey guts halloween, and the scariest thing I've dressed up as was Hermione from Harry Potter. He convinced me to dress up scary for our ward halloween party, and we actually won the costume contest! I'm pretty sure it's my turn to choose the costume next year though, and I'll get my revenge by making him dress up as Prince Charming or something. ;)

After Halloween came my birthday! It was lovely I must say. It was a pretty chill day, I turned the big 23. I've been an adult officially for 5 years. I think that's really the only landmark that 23 brings. Funny story though- David awhile back started joking that I was actually turning 24 because he knew it bugged me. Anyways, he did it long enough that I actually slipped up and told a couple of people that I was 24! And then to make it worse, as David was decorating my birthday cake he decided to put my age in the candles, and started to put 24 before I realized and stopped him! We both had a good laugh at it though. Guess it goes to show that if you say something long enough, you eventually believe it yourself!

Its a good thing you can make a 3 pretty easily out of a 4. :) David made the pink funfetti cake at my request, we ate it with Farr's Playdoh ice cream. My mom thinks its gross, but it's super colorful and yummy! I'd suggest you all try it. 

Thanksgiving was also wonderful- I was able to take a couple days off of work and we went to go see my family in southern Utah- we were able to see everyone and eat lots of delicious food! David got to go mountain biking with my step dad and brother and only came away with a couple of scrapes- which was a relief and I saw the trail they went down, scary! and I got to spend time with my mom and sisters just hanging out- we even went to a zumba class the afternoon of Thanksgiving to work off all the calories we ate! Best idea ever! It was a lot of fun. We thought about going black friday shopping, but all ended up sleeping in until like 9:30, so that didn't happen. haha.

Now it's almost Christmastime! Its a crazy time for me at work, and David has finals around the corner, but we found some time on Monday to go and buy some Christmas decorations! I love Christmas so much, and our little apartment is starting to feel a little festive! We have a little baby Christmas tree that is smack dab in the middle of our living room, cuz frankly that is the only place there is room for it, and we have lights in our two main windows and a snowman on the door! It just makes me so happy! I'm getting so excited to be able to have our first Christmas together! We were apart last year with both our families, so this will be really nice. We get to go to Oregon to be with David's family, which will be a nice break for both of us. I think that's really all that is going on in our busy lives- unless you want to hear about all the crazy pizza hut happenings from me, but you can just ask if you want to hear about that awesomeness. 
I will say before I go though, that I am so blessed! I've been thinking alot about that this past week, just how everything always seems to work out in our favor, even if they don't seem like it for a little bit. I have such amazing friends and family who are such angels to me! And of course an awesome husband who just seems to get cuter every day! :) Until next time! 

This is a flashback picture to just over a year ago! I'd say we are just as cute now as we were then. :)