Sunday, November 1, 2015

8, 9 and 10!

Well here I am again with another clumped together update on Brielle, but what can we say, we're busy busy busy! Brielle is always on the go, she figured out how to crawl finally on Sept 1, and learned to pull up and walk along furniture not long after that. So she is everywhere and into everything, definitely keeps momma on her toes! She now has 5 teeth, two on bottom and three on the top, and she loves showing them off with her cheesy smiles. She learned to clap on September 11, at first she would just clap if she saw someone else clapping, but I discovered this past week, that if you ask her to clap, she will! It amazes me how much she picks up on on a daily basis. This past week we also mastered waving and dancing! (well bouncing up and down when music comes on) She is not shy in the least, she'll play with and go to anyone, but she has started being more clingy to mom and dad when she's sad or upset.

We've gone on lots of adventures these past few months, we've had visits from both grandparents, and we went to Utah for a week to see everyone else! I left her alone for the first time with my mom while my dad, brothers and I went on our annual camping/hunting trip, it was a little hard on me, but I knew she was in good hands, and of course did fantastic, so now I feel better about leaving her, especially as she's done nursing and just has a bottle. With all our visitors, we went to the zoo, on some hikes, and to the park! Now that the weather has finally cooled down, we've been able to spend lots of time outside, and Brielle loves it! She loves going everywhere, and has the cutest "grass" crawl because she doesn't like the feeling of grass on her knees. She tries to eat the occasional rock or leaf still, but we're slowly learning that's not okay.

At her 9 month check up we learned that she's tall and skinny, measuring at 29 inches long and 17.8 pounds. That puts her in 90th percentile for height and 30th for weight. The doc suggested supplementing some formula because she was too busy to nurse long enough to get the right amount, and that has made a huge difference. She would much rather eat on the go, being able to take her milk wherever she fancies, so she's gained a little bit, which is good. She also loves big people food, if she see's us eating something and we don't have something for her to eat, it's bad news. She's successfully tried most things and liked them, although she is becoming a little picky with her veggies, so we have to play games at dinner, or mask the taste with something a little sweeter.

I cannot believe how fast time is flying and that she will be a year in just under two months, but it is so much fun. She is so happy all the time and loves to play games and just explore and learn, I am so blessed to be her mom and can't wait to see what the next few months bring! And now, a photo dump with lots of wonderful smiles. :)

7 vs 8 months!

9 months!

8 vs 9 months

9 months in, 9 months out!

Almost enough hair for a pony that last longer than a couple minutes

With daddy before school

She always has the biggest smiles- 10 months!

9 vs 10 months!

Always finding something to get into :) 

Loving the pumpkin patch!

Lil' pumpkin!
Bluest eyes ever!

Phantom of the Opera! Can you guess where the monkey fits in?

 Until next time!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


So we went on this trip almost two months ago now, but it was so fun, and I just had to post some pictures. We were able to go to Oahu with David's family right before school started back up at the end of August, and even with an almost 8 month old, it was still amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat! We did a little bit of everything; hiking, sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, boogie boarding, just to name a few! I won't go into too much detail to spare some feelings of jealousy, but I will post lots of pictures because they're just too awesome. :)

Six hours on a plane with a baby is never fun, but she did suprisingly well!
We had to get her ready with her own lei!

Nighttime at Waikiki

Sunset at Waikiki
Do you think she'd make a good hula dancer??

I finally got to drink coconut water from a real coconut! bucket list item complete. :)

In front of the Oahu Temple!
He was sad that he didn't have a girl to take a picture with, so he had to make do with his sister in law. :)

She did not know what to make of the ducks, there were so many!

A view from one of the higher points on the island

First night on the beach!


A hike in the jungle! Super rainy, but so pretty!

The end result was this waterfall! Gorgeous

The view from another hike we did

Overlook of the city

Lots of driving, but she did so well! Look at those blue eyes!

This may've been my favorite view :)

We went to the dole plantation and saw tons of pineapple!

We just had such a wonderful time, baby and all. It really made me want to try and create these types of memories for our kids as they get older. It's just so great to be able to create such special and fun memories with family, and I cannot wait to make it back there again! Or anywhere really, as long as we're making those memories, :)