Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mexico, Oregon, Lagoon and Provo Canyon!

So here's a little bit about everything we've been up too since we've been married!

First things first, Mexico!

I remember, it had not even been 24 hours since we had gotten engaged when David's grandpa pulled us aside and made us decide where we would go on our honeymoon. Our choices were limited because it was a timeshare and most places were already booked, but we were able to find this great resort in Mazatlan, Mexico. Everyone was worried about us going with all the problems they're having there, but it was actually really wonderful! Perfect actually! We were able to eat delicious food, go ziplining, parasailing, horseback riding, and really just relax. It was great!

The view from our room at the resort
Parasailing-- so much fun!
Our favorite restaurant, they gave us hats to wear and free cake in celebration of our marriage!

 We stayed in Mexico for a week, and from there we flew into Portland where we spent a week with David's family. It was really fun, we went on a couple of hikes, took a day trip to the coast, and on Friday we had an open house for all of David's friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding in Utah. It turned out beautiful, it was fun to be able to wear my dress again and get my hair done a different way, below is the photo evidence!

A hike we went on to a pretty waterfall!
We got to go to the Portland Temple, so pretty!
Us at the open house!

After the wedding festivities had finally ended, we headed back to Provo for real life to start. The first few weeks have been kind of interesting since David doesn't start school until tomorrow, but I started back up at work almost immediately, but we've definitely already done some fun things! We were able to make a quick trip down south for my baby sister's high school graduation, we got to go to lagoon this past week, which was fun, but I think its safe to say I'm getting a little old for all the super spinny rides, haha. Then this past weekend we were able to camping, just up Provo canyon for a night, but it was alot of fun! We got to use all our new camping gear and have a huge fire, and it was just nice to get away from real life, even for just a night. Especially since David does go back to school tomorrow, and I'll be working more hours due to a promotion and the fact that my boss just left on maternity leave, so things will be pretty crazy for a little while, but it'll still be wonderful just being together with the love of my life. :)

Until next time!