Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy cow.

Those words are really the only ones I can find to describe not only has time flown by, but also about how many awesome things have been happening! I'm pretty sure everything is still sort of surreal. I mean, there's no way that I can actually be done with college. Or getting married in 5 days, haha. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely excited beyond belief, but it is absolutely crazy how fast time has gone by.

As I just said, I did in fact graduate last weekend! It was such a good time. I had my mom and stepdad come, as well as my dad and stepmom and my grandparents! It was a jam packed weekend for sure, I finished my finals on Wednesday afternoon, packed to move all that night. Thursday, my mom and I went to Bountiful to finalize wedding plans and made it back barely in time for commencement, which was actually really good! I felt so proud when they told all the graduates to stand up and everyone clapped! It really made me think of what I actually accomplished, and I got to finally just enjoy the fruits of my labor I guess you could say. The next day was convocation, where I actually got to walk, which was great too. A bunch of us went out to Rodizio grill afterward to celebrate, and then we went back to bountiful to go to a bridal shower that my dad's family threw for me! I got lots of great things for my kitchen and my apartment in general!

Speaking of apartments, that brings me to Saturday. I got up super early, finished cleaning and packing, and then my whole family came out and helped David and I move into our new apartment! It's just this cute little place on University Ave, not too far from campus, and basically, I've fallen in love with it already. This week since I haven't been as busy, I've been able to unpack and organize mostly everything, and even though its small, its mine! A place that I can actually decorate the way I want, a place that has my bed and my couches, well, our bed and our couches ;). Its just so great. The only downside is is that night David left and went back to Oregon for the week, so I've been by myself for the week, and he won't be back until Wednesday night :( But it's okay, because this past week went by really fast, and this week is going to be so filled with friends and family coming into town before the wedding and last minute plans. But I am so excited with the way it's coming together, and although I'm worried about everything going smoothly, I just know that I'm marrying my best friend, so at the end of the day, it will have done everything I needed it to do. :) And boy am I ready for my week long honeymoon in Mexico!

I probably won't be back to post until after the wedding, and then I'm sure it will be nothing but pictures of us two crazy kids all over each other in love, so prepare yourselves. :)

And a big big thanks to all my family who came to graduation and helped move and came to the bridal shower! I am so grateful to have so much love and support from all my friends and family!

The next time you'll hear from me, I'll be Mrs. Robinson. ;) yayyyyyy! :))