Sunday, October 11, 2015


So we went on this trip almost two months ago now, but it was so fun, and I just had to post some pictures. We were able to go to Oahu with David's family right before school started back up at the end of August, and even with an almost 8 month old, it was still amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat! We did a little bit of everything; hiking, sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, boogie boarding, just to name a few! I won't go into too much detail to spare some feelings of jealousy, but I will post lots of pictures because they're just too awesome. :)

Six hours on a plane with a baby is never fun, but she did suprisingly well!
We had to get her ready with her own lei!

Nighttime at Waikiki

Sunset at Waikiki
Do you think she'd make a good hula dancer??

I finally got to drink coconut water from a real coconut! bucket list item complete. :)

In front of the Oahu Temple!
He was sad that he didn't have a girl to take a picture with, so he had to make do with his sister in law. :)

She did not know what to make of the ducks, there were so many!

A view from one of the higher points on the island

First night on the beach!


A hike in the jungle! Super rainy, but so pretty!

The end result was this waterfall! Gorgeous

The view from another hike we did

Overlook of the city

Lots of driving, but she did so well! Look at those blue eyes!

This may've been my favorite view :)

We went to the dole plantation and saw tons of pineapple!

We just had such a wonderful time, baby and all. It really made me want to try and create these types of memories for our kids as they get older. It's just so great to be able to create such special and fun memories with family, and I cannot wait to make it back there again! Or anywhere really, as long as we're making those memories, :)

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